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How Does Your Salary Match Up in the UK?

This very interesting article shows you the average annual salaries for many jobs in the UK. Farmers apparently increased their salaries in 2016 by more than anyone else according to an annual survey. They took home 21.2% more pay than they did in 2015 although their annual wage is still quite low at £26,798.

The average pay for all employees was found to be £28,296, and was an increase of 2.7%.

Who else raised their pay? Care assistants raised their pay by 18.7% to £8,362 while hairdressers were up 16.6%, air travel assistants were up 20.1% and typists were up 10.7%. Barristers and judges also saw increases of as much as 18.6%.

A total of 21.9 million jobs were recorded in the numbers. What were the two poorest paid jobs? Care escorts and playworkers. Who earned the closest to the overall mean? Physiotherapists; moulders and die casters; and plumbers and heating engineers. Authors and translators were also in this area.

See the chart here to get more details.