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Splurge for Your Dog with Four Legged Fancies

dog-1557287_960_720For those of you who have it all – Four Legged Fancies is the place to enjoy. That’s if you’re a dog lover. This is a bakery for dogs and they are busy securing deals with Googlebox’s Steph and Dom, model Georgia May Jagger and actor Warwick Davies.

The 35 year old from Somerset, Victoria Stent, started selling her dog treats at the beginning to farmers’ markets. She insists, to those who wonder, that her dog treats are healthy. As she said,
“When people approach the stall and you can see they aren’t too sure what to think we explain to them that all of our treats are wheat-free, natural and hand-made. People are actually very savvy these days when it comes to pet nutrition so they know what they are looking for.”

Stent went full time in 2014 and now has a celebrity following among others. They offer regular treats, birthday cakes, a doggy party package and more. Her bakery has actually won six awards at agricultural shows. Their projected turnover for 2016 is £103,000.