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Trouble in the Restaurant World?

Many would be surprised to read that 33% of the UK’s largest restaurant groups are losing money. About 35 of the biggest 100 restaurant chains are losing money this year, as compared to 20 last year according to UHY Hacker […]

Thomas Cook Facing Closures

Thomas Cook may be closing 50 of its shops across the UK as part of a restructuring plan they have underway. As many as 400 jobs could be at risk and they plan to implement these plans between now and […]

Licking Their Way to Success

If you live in England and haven’t heard about Pan-n-Ice yet, you need to give it a lick! This is a forward-thinking, adorable ice cream company that is stirring up how ice cream is made and delivered. The story goes […]

Where are Brits Moving Away To and Why?

As many as 13 of every 200 people who are from England have left for other shores. However, emigration levels have decreased. In 2006, 203,000 Britons moved abroad, while last year only 137,000 did so. What are the top destinations […]

Drastic Rise in Online Buying in the UK

According to Barclaycard, online spending is up by a quarter in just four years and more than 20% of all spending is likely to be done online this year. Their data shows that 22% of all card spending last year […]

Find Out Who One First Place in the Small Shops Competition

  If you’re looking for the place that was just crowned as the best small shop in England – then you’ll need to go to Hunters of Helmsley. Owned and run by husband-wife team Chris and Christine Garnett since 2008, […]

Flying Out Today? Will You Get There on Time?

Flying Out Today? Will You Get There on Time?

If air travel makes you crazy and you want to streamline the experience as much as possible, you’ll want to check out this list. The report, published by OAG which is an aviation data service that provides flight schedules around […]

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Winner of the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Award

It’s always fun to hear about the guy making ice cream or pizza from his garage who has gone on to great things. James Watt is one of them. Co-founder of BrewDog, the Scottish craft beer company that started making […]

Rags to Riches Business Entrepreneurs

The Daily Mail recently presented a list of the top 25 rags-to-riches stories. These stories are always inspirational, showing that you really can make a success of yourself even if you come from very little. Here is a peek at […]