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Rags to Riches Business Entrepreneurs

The Daily Mail recently presented a list of the top 25 rags-to-riches stories. These stories are always inspirational, showing that you really can make a success of yourself even if you come from very little. Here is a peek at the top four business people.

  1. Sir Philip Green: He is worth £3.88billion and started with only £20,000. He imported jeans from the Far East to sell to retailers in London and went on to own the Arcadia Group.
  2. Mike Ashley: He’s worth £3.75billion and he started with just £10,000. He left school at 16 and turned to coaching squash. He opened his first Sport & Ski shop in Maidenhead and then started Sports Direct with a modest loan.
  3. Sir Richard Branson: He’s worth £3.6billion and started, believe it or not, with £300. At 16 he created a student magazine and then founded the mail-order record company. He opened Virgin Records on London’s Oxford Street and the rest is history.
  4. Peter Hargreaves CBE is worth £2.39billion and he started with £500. He started his investment broker business with Stephen Lansdown from a spare bedroom with only a small start up. In 2007, the company was floated on the London stock market valued at £800million and it’s now valued at £4.5billion.