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Where are Brits Moving Away To and Why?

As many as 13 of every 200 people who are from England have left for other shores. However, emigration levels have decreased. In 2006, 203,000 Britons moved abroad, while last year only 137,000 did so. What are the top destinations that they are flocking to according to the study by Lloyd Bank?

Australia is still the most popular spot, drawing in 207,000 Britons in the last five years. Three times as many Britons emigrate to Australia as do to the second most popular stop – the USA. Spain has taken a bit of a back seat at number three. Between 2009 and 2014, only 52,000 Britons have moved to Spain.

The most popular destinations for Britons from 2009 to 2014 was as such:

Australia    207,000
USA    72,000
Spain    52,000
France    51,000
New Zealand    43,000
Canada    36,000
Germany    36,000
United Arab Emirates    35,000
Republic of Ireland    15,000
Switzerland    13,000

How long to expats plan to stay abroad? This depended, according to the study, on their location. Half of those who moved to Australia said that they planned to stay for more than five years, while 70-75% of those who moved to France and Spain planned to stay at least that long.

As Richard Musty, International Private Bank Director at Lloyds Bank, said:
“Our research shows that British citizens who emigrated from the UK since 2009 have mainly done so to work. In recent years we have seen a steady stream of people moving overseas looking for employment – with many going with a job offer in place.”