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Women Earn Less Than Men During Their Lifetime

According to official data by Robert Half UK, women will earn approximately £300,000 less in their working lives than men. They earn roughly £5,700 less a year than do men, so that, over their career, men will earn on average £1,556,568 before taxes and women will earn £1,258,504.

Annual earnings for women grew 1.4% between 2014 and 2015, while male annual earnings grew by 1.6%.

As Katy Tanner, the director for the Robert Half UK said, “International Women’s Day [on Tuesday March 11 2016] provides a platform to highlight the importance for rewarding all employees fairly on the basis of their contribution to the organization, rather than their gender or indeed any other point of difference.”

As a government spokesman said, “This government has gone further than ever before in tackling the gender pay gap. Only last month we unveiled a raft of measures requiring companies with more than 250 employees to publish their gender pay gap and we are extending that duty across the public sector.”