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Cadbury Creme Eggs Take a Beating

Interestingly, while British people have always loved their Cadbury Crème Eggs, they appear to love them a little less now. Sales statistics are showing that there was a £6million slump last year since shoppers do not enjoy the recipe change that has occurred.

Cadbury changed their Crème Egg recipe last year by switching the Dairy Milk chocolate shell to a cheaper cocoa mix one. They also moved from a six pack to a five pack, while still charging the same price.

According to retail analysts IRI, the Bournville-based firm is paying the price, literally, for these changes. Overall sales of Cadbury-branded Easter eggs were down a whopping £10million, with the Crème Eggs leading the pack as the reason.

Cadbury saw their market shares drop from 42% to 40% in a year. Now, the Cadbury marketing manager Claire Low said to The Grocer, “The fundamentals of Cadbury Creme Egg remain exactly the same.”

Cadbury added, “Cadbury remains the number one treat at Easter. The Easter ‘season’ changes every year depending on when Easter falls. It was two weeks shorter in 2015 than 2014 so it’s hard to compare like for like.”