ASOS and Kenyan Fashion Bloggers Teaming Up

African fashion is a huge, untapped market that the British fashion world if finally starting to recognize. ASOS has recently decided to work with Kenyan fashion bloggers to create a Made in Kenya collection. One company called 2 Many Siblings […]

Monthly Index Shows British Optimism

Accountant and business advisor BDO said that its monthly Optimism Index shows increased optimism in the UK business communities. Their index increased from 102.05 in November to 102.15 in December. BDO said that this rise in optimism for businesses is […]

Licking Their Way to Success

If you live in England and haven’t heard about Pan-n-Ice yet, you need to give it a lick! This is a forward-thinking, adorable ice cream company that is stirring up how ice cream is made and delivered. The story goes […]

Orlebar Brown Making Waves

Orlebar Brown Making Waves

It’s worth paying attention to the swimwear company Orlebar Brown. They already have stars like Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds among their fans. Now, they are hoping to create a buzz with a £50m sale. They have apparently hired Cavendish Corporate Finance […]

Save The Environment One Drink at a Time With Pokito

Save The Environment One Drink at a Time With Pokito

Here’s a great idea that can help the environment – while helping you to enjoy your coffee. A British entrepreneur has invented a reusable plastic cup that can collapse and fit in your pocket. Calling it Pokito, investor Andrew Brooks […]

Pops Is Serving Up the Fun

Here is an interesting business idea. Pops supplies high-end restaurants, stores like Selfridges and events like Wimbledon with alcoholic ice lollies. They are raising new funds and plan to double in size. They plan to sell almost 500,000 lollies this […]

Cadbury Creme Eggs Take a Beating

Interestingly, while British people have always loved their Cadbury Crème Eggs, they appear to love them a little less now. Sales statistics are showing that there was a £6million slump last year since shoppers do not enjoy the recipe change […]

Unmade Is Making It Big

If you’ve always wanted your own specially knit clothing item – but you don’t sew – you’ll now be able to have it. Unmade, the high-tech knitwear brand with a store in London’s Covent Garden, now has the software for […]

Black Friday…Worth the Headache?

Black Friday will soon be here, and sales are forecast to top £1billion in the UK that day. Some have been warning, however, that Black Friday doesn’t make the impact on businesses that some assume. Marks & Spencer’s Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, […]