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Nested for Your Housing Needs

It’s important to find out about businesses that are developing in the UK and doing well. Nested is one of them. This is an online estate buyer that will guarantee to sell your house within 90 days for a minimum of 98% of the value. The amazing part of the company is that if they fail to sell the property in three months, or for the price you’ve agreed upon, they will give you the cash so that you can then continue to purchase your next house.

The firm has only launched six months ago by Matt Robinson. The idea came to him in this way. As he said,

“…cash buyers are often able to pay less than chain buyers because they are in a position to proceed quickly. As a result it is almost impossible to secure your dream home if you need to sell in order to buy. I saw this first hand when I was buying my own first home and it just felt unfair. I asked myself what you could do to get round this and realised there is almost nothing you can do. That’s why we created Nested – to level the playing field and put chain buyers in the same position as cash buyers.”

As Robinson described the process, he said, “We take just under a third of anything we get over the guaranteed sale price – so most of it is going straight to the home seller.

It’s a fair way for us and the home owner to share in both the upside and downside and aligns our interests. If we don’t sell the property within the agreed time frame, we give the home seller an interest-free cash loan to purchase their next property so they don’t lose out and it doesn’t cost them extra.”

The Nested coast is a 2.5% fee and Nested’s 30% share of anything that is achieved over the guaranteed price.